Guilford Technical Community College
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Class Location:
Greensboro Campus
CEC - ConEd Center
Room 116
3505 East Wendover Ave
Greensboro, NC 27405

January 26 - March 9

7 Wednesday Evenings, 6:00 pm-8:30pm


(Course Code: CSP-4000-DG1)


When oil paint was first developed in the early Renaissance it was hailed as, a most beautiful invention. It has since become the preferred medium of the majority of artists.

This course teaches the basics of oil painting in a fun and easy way that anyone can learn. Oils achieve brilliant colors, blend effortlessly, allow easy correction and produce a variety of textures and effects. You will learn how to paint from both life and photos. The course is informative, stress-free and suitable for beginning to advanced artists.

Includes instructor demonstrations and one-on-one time. Extra cost for materials. These are explained on the first day (beginners expect to spend about $125 on materials).



Avoid Winton, Rowney and other student grade paints. Higher quality, professonal grade is preferable (Winsor Newton, Gamblin, Grumbacher Pre-Tested)
Monochromatic Palette: Titanium White (large tube), Burnt Umber
Limited Palette (in addition to Monochromatic): Terra Rosa or Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black or Gamblin's Chromatic Black, Cadmium Red Light (optional)
Full Palette (in addition to Limited): Cadmium Red Light (if not already purchased), Permanent Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Red, Cadmium Yellow, Viridian Green, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna
Optional: Cobalt Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Cadmium Orange

Avoid cheap brushes. Get at least 3 long-handled Filbert or Flat shaped bristle brushes for now (sizes #4-#8). Eventually you'll want more and a variety of sizes. You may also want to try Rounds at some point.
• Natural Bristle (course haired), Flats or Filberts (3 or more, #4-#8)
• Optional Natural Bristle (coarse haired), Filbert or Round (1, #2)
• Optional Sable (soft haired), Filbert or Round (1, #1 or #2)

• 11" x 14" Stretched Canvases or Canvas Boards (you will need 3)

• Wood (12" x 15" min size, treat with linseed oil prior to use) or Paper Palette Pad

• Soft Vine Charcoal
• Paper for Drawing (14" x 17" or larger preferred)
• Palette Knife (not a painting knife)
• Odorless Mineral Spirits (such as Turpenoid or Gamblin's Gamsol, 32 oz size)
• Air Tight Stainless Steel Solvent Container/Brush Washer (16 oz or larger)
• Tabletop Easel
• Hand Soap (plain white bar such as Ivory brand)
• Rags or Sturdy Paper Towels (such as Viva brand)
• Apron or Smock
• Art Tool Box or Paint Box (or any type of container to carry materials)