Forsyth Tech Community College
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Class Location:
West Campus
Room 15
1300 Bolton Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

May 18 - June 22

6 Tuesday Evenings, 5:30pm-8:30pm


(Course Code: 143736)


Learn the basics of oil painting in a fun and easy way that anyone can follow. Oils achieve brilliant colors, blend effortlessly, allow easy correction and produce a variety of textures and effects. You will learn how to paint from both life and photos. The class is informative, stress-free and suitable for beginning to advanced artists. Materials are needed at an extra cost and will be discussed on the first day.



Avoid Winton, Rowney and other student grade paints. Higher quality, professonal grade is preferable (Winsor Newton, Gamblin, Grumbacher Pre-Tested)
Monochromatic Palette: Titanium White (large tube), Burnt Umber
Limited Palette (in addition to Monochromatic): Terra Rosa or Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black or Gamblin's Chromatic Black, Cadmium Red Light (optional)
Full Palette (in addition to Limited): Cadmium Red Light (if not already purchased), Permanent Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Red, Cadmium Yellow, Viridian Green, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna
Optional: Cobalt Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Cadmium Orange

Avoid cheap brushes. Get at least 3 long-handled Filbert or Flat shaped bristle brushes for now (sizes #4-#8). Eventually you'll want more and a variety of sizes. You may also want to try Rounds at some point.
• Natural Bristle (course haired), Flats or Filberts (3 or more, #4-#8)
• Optional Natural Bristle (coarse haired), Filbert or Round (1, #2)
• Optional Sable (soft haired), Filbert or Round (1, #1 or #2)

• 11" x 14" Stretched Canvases or Canvas Boards (you will need 3)

• Wood (12" x 15" min size, treat with linseed oil prior to use) or Paper Palette Pad

• Soft Vine Charcoal
• Paper for Drawing (14" x 17" or larger preferred)
• Palette Knife (not a painting knife)
• Odorless Mineral Spirits (such as Turpenoid or Gamblin's Gamsol, 32 oz size)
• Air Tight Stainless Steel Solvent Container/Brush Washer (16 oz or larger)
• Tabletop Easel
• Hand Soap (plain white bar such as Ivory brand)
• Rags or Sturdy Paper Towels (such as Viva brand)
• Apron or Smock
• Art Tool Box or Paint Box (or any type of container to carry materials)


Go to Google Maps to get directions from your specific location.

Class Location:
West Campus
Room 15
1300 Bolton Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27103